May 31, 2018
If you work in the property industry in a design or management role, I am sure you will have come across the problem of finding documents from your buildings original construction.  It can be impossible to locate drawings, reports and other historic documents relating to the buildings original design and construction. ...
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WalkerBai Consulting and Tweed Shire Council’s Successful Project

May 21, 2018
Walkerbai Consulting and Tweed Shire Council’s Successful Project WalkerBai Consulting proudly shares its successful project with its client, Tweed Shire Council. WalkerBai’s professional team impart a long-term projection of energy cost saving strategies without compromising occupant comfort in the premises....
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Ageing Main Electrical Switchboards

May 10, 2018
If you think your building's old main electrical switchboard is at no risk of failure, then think again.  We have found that  main electrical switchboards over 30 years old are nine times more likely to fail than a switchboard that is less than 10 years old.  The problem is that as they exceed 30 years of age, the electromagnetic parts begin to deteriorate, and replacement parts become obsolete.  The main electrical switchboard is the heart of a building's functionality and a major failure will cost many thousands of dollars to repair. ...
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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

May 09, 2018
Australia ranks eighth among the world's largest energy producer in the world. That amounts to 2.5% of the whole world’s energy production....
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How Do You Maintain Your Smoke Detectors? 

March 20, 2018
The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires every property to install smoke alarms. It is done not only to save lives, but also to prevent significant fire damage to properties as well. As stated in BCA, Class 1 and 2 buildings are required to have a 240 volts main power supply smoke alarm. However, large buildings with no available main power connection are required to have smoke detectors with a 10-year shelf life that is connected to a permanent battery....
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WalkerBai Welcomes New Fire Engineering Team Members

March 15, 2018
  WalkerBai Consulting is excited to introduce the latestadditional members to our Fire Engineering Team. With a combination of youth and experience, we now have greater capabilities to deliver Fire Engineering Services. ...
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Accent Lighting

March 14, 2018
Accent lights, from its root word, are used to “accentuate” certain areas or items. They create a subconscious sign that says “look at me”. These lights are usually used with recessed ceilings, or spotlights to guide the attention to displays and paintings, whether on the floor, or on the wall....
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WalkerBai Consulting Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary

March 09, 2018
This week, WalkerBai went out together as a team to celebrate reaching the milestone of three years in business. From our humble beginnings in 2015, we have grown year on year, and can proudly say that we now have an established Australian practice operating on a national scale. ...
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6 Key Things To Look For In A NABERS Assessor

March 05, 2018
Have you been looking to find an accredited NABERS assessor to rate your building? There are over 435 NABERS accredited assessors at the time of writing, which equates to a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a NABERS assessor to rate your building. Each assessor is trained and certified to follow the NABERS rules for rating a building, so the reality is that any two independent assessors should arrive at the same star rating for a building. However, there are some key things you should look out for in selecting a NABERS assessor to make the process go as smoothy as possible, and in some cases, this can even make a big difference in your final NABERS star rating....
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How to Determine If You Need a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate

January 29, 2018
  A Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) sets out the energy efficiency rating of a building or area of a building that is offered for sale, lease or sublease.  Questions to Determine If You Need a BEEC Do you own or manage a building that is 1,000 square metres or more? Is it being used or capable to be used as an office? Is it for sale, lease or sub-lease? If you answered yes to these, you might need a BEEC....
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