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Ageing Main Electrical Switchboards

May 10, 2018 0 Comment

If you think your building's old main electrical switchboard is at no risk of failure, then think again.  We have found that  main electrical switchboards over 30 years old are nine times more likely to fail than a switchboard that is less than 10 years old.  The problem is that as they exceed 30 years of age, the electromagnetic parts begin to deteriorate, and replacement parts become obsolete.  The main electrical switchboard is the heart of a building's functionality and a major failure will cost many thousands of dollars to repair. 

Our Electrical Engineers have completed numerous feasibility reports that have provided building owners with the key information needed to reduce the risk of main switchboard failure. Often switchboards are modified over the years and the result is potentially non compliant infrastructure which should be rectified. Our audits can identify these issues and enable an informed decision by the client.

Aging Main Electrical SwitchboardsAging Main Electrical Switchboards

Common Issues with Ageing Switchboards

  1. Equipment operating cycles (i.e. circuit breakers do have a maximum number of operations, some have counters which will give you an indication)
  2. Amount of transient conditions the board has been subjected too (surges, faults) will impact the life;
  3. Deterioration of insulation;
  4. Amount of contaminants within MSB can cause tracking and lead to arcing/faults.
  5. MSB structural integrity (loosening of busbars and components, etc).
  6. Equipment age and support from manufacturers.IMG_20161025_140134

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